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Two-Tier Metrics and Integrations

Our Two-Tier Metrics show you channel partner participation data and downstream end-user analytics. Opens, clicks, video views, and watch times are all available on the xAmplify dashboard.
This makes for higher-impact campaigns, better forecasting, and more meaningful QBRs as your partners close in on their pipeline customers. Meanwhile, priority partners quickly become evident, putting SPIFs and MDF to better use.
Two-Tier Metrics are always intact and comprehensive, never null and void, because using the xAmplify email function to redistribute is compulsory for partners. There is no option for channel partners to download digital assets and send them out using a different distribution platform.
Additionally, this means:
-Every closed deal has an attributable digital footprint for every partner.
-Deal registration is always enabled, with metrics and attribution intact.
-Conflict resolution among direct and indirect sales teams within an organization or among multiple channel partners is no longer an issue.


xAmplify fits nicely into your existing tech stack. Users on xAmplify can push leads directly into their Marketo or HubSpot instance for channel marketing attribution.

Our ground-breaking TCMA features fit any partner program for any size business—SMB, mid-level, and enterprise.