xAmplify Sail.

Channel Marketing Done For You.

With xAmplify Sail, we’re your end-to-end channel marketing team. We help develop and execute your through-partner strategy, leveraging our platform to scale your partner program and drive channel sales for your business across a sea of competitors.

The work is ours. The results are yours. Just sit back and watch your distribution channels reach new horizons.

We design your email, video, and event campaign templates.

We repurpose your direct sales copy for channel marketing.

We deploy your messaging to and through channel partners.

We track the data and report to you on partner and end-user behavior.

How far does xAmplify Sail take your
channel marketing?

The Sail package includes:

Four campaigns per month; they can be email, video, or event.
(Social media campaigns are not included with xAmplify Sail.)

One nurture campaign per month which can include up to six auto-responses triggered by up to 3 behaviors.

Weekly performance reporting on partner redistribution and
end-user customer insight.

Weekly strategy check-in.

   How to start driving channel sales with xAmplify Sail…

Register here.

Introduce us to your product in a 1-hour demo.

Share your channel sales strategy, hopes, and goals with our team.

Send us your direct sales content and your segmented partner lists.

Send us your sales and marketing design assets, logos, etc.

Keep us in the loop about sales specials, coupons, price changes,
product updates, events, and company news.

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