• Unlimited Partner segmentation
    • Create any number of partner lists so that you can send out the right message at the right time. By vertical, industry, region – sky’s the limit.
  • Content management
    • Utilize our content management section to store videos, white papers, price lists, and more.
  • A fully-loaded email design engine
    • Create emails that will grab your audience’s attention using our drag and drop interface. Incorporate color, images, and links with ease.

  • To and Through Partner campaign modes
    • Enjoy flexibility with two different campaign modes.
      To Partner Mode allows you to send campaigns not intended for redistribution to your partners. It’s great for newsletters, product updates, and even communication with your internal sales teams.
      Through Partner Mode enables the campaign to be redistributed by your channel with little to no reformatting.
  • Easy campaign co-branding
    • Create a co-branding template and let your partners share the spotlight. Want to be the only headliner? No worries, that’s easily changed with just a quick click of your mouse.
  • Automatic push notifications
    • xAmplify automatically lets your partners know when you’ve shared a new campaign with them to redistribute.
  • Alerts for campaign activity
    • Want to keep tabs on your campaign? Turn on notifications and get emails and in-platform alerts when someone interacts with your message.
  • Two-tiered campaign analytics
    • Tier One – Your Partners
      Metrics to help your analyze your campaign’s success. Get stats on email opens, video views, clicked links, and more.
    • Tier Two – Your Partners’ Campaigns
      We bring a whole new level of insight into your channel. See your campaign’s downstream activity and learn how your partners’ leads and customers interact with your campaign.
  • Campaign redistribution metrics
    • Visualize your partner participation rates to determine which are the most engaged.
  • Launch scheduling capability
    • Campaign scheduling gives you the ability to set up a series of emails or simply ­­­­­lets you send the right message at the right time.

  • Auto-response enablement for every campaign
    • Employ the convenience of automated emails that are sparked by a recipient’s interaction with your campaign. Customize your response with an immediate or scheduled reply.
  • Quick and simple campaign redistribution
    • Your partners will thank you for giving them a method of redistributing a campaign that can be completed with no reformatting required. Campaign redistribution can be done with as few as five clicks!
  • Social Media Account Management
    • Gain new followers and grow your social media presence with our social media module. We give you the ability to customize posts for each platform and then share it with your channel for added exposure.

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