Features that drive channel sales.

Experience TCMA—True channel marketing automation

Lists & Modules

Our Lists & Modules cover unlimited list segmentation along with four different campaign modules for ultimate targeting and personalization.
You and your channel partners both get unlimited list segmentation to easily group partners, prospects, and leads by vertical, industry, region, business size or any other catergory imaginable.
Our campaign modules include Emails, Video, Events, and Social Media to meet your customers where they’re most engaged.
The “Modules” half of our Lists & Modules is where you build and launch beautiful channel marketing campaigns with our intuitive template builder. Here, you can select from an array of templates already set up for you and ready for customization, or you can upload your own HTML template created by your design team.
Once you’ve got your Email, Video, Event, or Social Media campaign ready to go, continue on to select which segmented lists it’ll go out to, then launch!

Our ground-breaking TCMA features fit any partner program for any size business—SMB, mid-level, and enterprise.