Features that drive channel sales.

Experience TCMA—True channel marketing automation

Our ground-breaking TCMA features fit any partner program for any size business—SMB, mid-level, and enterprise.

Each partner receives their own instance of the platform, with their own logo and login.
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Individual Partner Instance
Partner and end customer data is visible, showing priority partners and campaign success.
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Two-Tier Metrics
Optional logo merge places partner’s logo in co-marketing campaigns at the click of a button.
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Automatic Co-Branding
Partners register leads and deals right from their dashboard, resolving channel conflict.
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Deal Registration
Unlimited segmentation of lists, plus Email, Video, Social Media, and Event modules for max targeting.
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Lists & Modules
A cloud-based setup to upload, store and organize videos, whitepapers, price lists, and digital assets.
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Content Hub
AI predicts optimal campaign launch times based on previous customer opens and behavior.
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Artificial Intelligence
An instructional video series included with every dashboard guides partners for quick adoption.
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Built-In Onboarding Tutorials
Want it all done for you?
We offer end-to-end channel marketing execution through your partners.
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xAmplify Sail

All these features. No big tech installation.

We’re here to make your to- and through-channel marketing
strategy outperform your wildest expectations while you barely lift your finger(s).
From installation to adoption, our platform is hassle-free to implement.
Basically a dream come true.