Experience TCMA —
True Channel Marketing Automation.

Our groundbreaking features fit any campaign for any size
business – SMB, mid-level, and enterprise.

Incorporating TCMA has never been easier.

Quick Deployment

No IT Department required. Simply register for an account and you’re good to go.

Easy Implementation

Simple-to-learn, cloud-based content management and campaign creation for you and your team.

Fast Adoption

A user-friendly interface and intuitive dashboard make navigation and campaign creation a breeze. Your do-it-for-me partners will thank you.

Powerful pairing

xAmplify makes for a dynamic duo with any PRM or portal already in place, by doing the heavy lifting for time-sensitive campaigns. We’re also integrated with Marketo — contact us to learn more.

Streamlined through-channel marketing and co-branding.

You maintain your brand message

Every campaign has locked-in copy and design with limited partner customization.

Effortless campaign co-branding

Enable automatic partner logo-merge in email and video campaigns with just a click of your mouse.

Quick and simple campaign redistribution

Each of your partners gets their own instance of the xAmplify platform, with individual login, making it easy to redistribute your content in as few as five clicks.

Automatic push notifications and alerts

We instantly let your partners know when you’ve shared a new campaign with them. Real-time alerts make sure that no one misses an opportunity to connect.

Easily tailor each campaign.

Select from two campaign modes

To Partner Mode allows you to send content not intended for redistribution.
Through Partner Mode enables the campaign to be redistributed by your channel partners.

Launch scheduling capability

Create nurture campaigns or simply send the right message at the right time.

Auto-sequencing capability

Add automated, responsive emails that are triggered by a recipient’s interaction with your campaign.

Alerts for campaign activity

Keep tabs on your campaign by turning on notifications . Get emails and in-platform alerts when someone interacts with your message.

Video analytics

You’ll see a video view count as well as a watch time report, so you’ll know where viewers stopped watching your video. This detailed insight provides a new understanding of audience behavior so you can refine your next message.

Analytics, metrics, data...We’ve got it covered.

Two-Tier Metrics

Tier One – Your Campaigns: Data to help you analyze your campaign’s success. Get stats on email opens, video views, clicked links, and more.
Tier Two – Your Partners’ Campaigns: We bring a whole new level of insight into your channel. See your campaign’s downstream activity and end-user interactions.

Campaign redistribution metrics

Visualize your partner participation rates to quickly determine priority partners and partner engagement levels.

Target any audience with personalized content.

Unlimited Partner segmentation

Easily group your partners by vertical, industry, region, or business size to execute your digital strategy to-and-through your sales channel.

Content management

Conveniently store videos, white papers, price lists, and more for easy access during campaign creation.

Flexible email design

Over 10 dynamic templates paired with an intuitive drag and drop interface let you flex your creativity to create an eye-catching email, or simply upload your custom design.

Three channel campaign modules.


For those times when you feel like sticking to the basics. Perfect for executing your sales enablement strategy and enhancing your channel partners’ experience and product knowledge.


Harness the power of video in your campaign. Make a bigger impact, boost conversion rates, and leave a memorable impression by incorporating a video into your message.

Social Media

Gain new followers and grow your social media presence with posts to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Customize posts for each platform and share them with your channel for added exposure.