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Experience TCMA—True channel marketing automation

Co-branded Event Marketing

xAmplify is the solution that truly enables your partners to participate in co-marketing your event and experiential campaigns.
When using xAmplify’s event marketing application, you allow your team to focus on creating experiences that event attendees will never forget. We do the heavy lifting by automatically creating custom UTM codes, personal URLs, and unique identifiers that let you quickly determine headcount and accurately attribute the partner’s event marketing activity.
Add our event marketing software to your tech stack and take your marketing efforts to the next level. Engage your event sponsors, vendors, and partners to redistribute your invitation through the xAmplify platform to increase attendance and track engagement metrics like never before. Now it’s easy to automate partner landing pages and event registration while you accurately gauge partner event marketing activity. With this kind of attribution and visibility in place, you will have an entirely new variable to include when measuring event ROI.

Our ground-breaking TCMA features fit any partner program for any size business—SMB, mid-level, and enterprise.