Experience the new way of ecosystem marketing

Whether you've spent years cultivating your network or are just testing the waters, xAmplify provides you with a digital platform that allows you to engage and equip your partners, solidifying relationships and driving sales like never before.

Strengthen Your Channel Strategy
Give your Partners real ready-to-go content.

Empower Your Network

xAmplify provides a platform for your partners to access digital and social media content, allowing them to easily create multi-touch, co-branded campaigns for their unique audience.

Customizable Content Access and Sharing

Easily communicate and share targeted collateral with your Partners. xAmplify gives you a simple, straightforward platform to develop email campaigns that convey your message and provide up-to-date content.

Complete Insight on Partner Engagement

With both top-level and partner-level analytics, you have access to data that allows you to learn more about your Channel. Partners also receive their own host of analytics so they can learn more about their audience.

A Powerful Channel Marketing Platform

xAmplify allows you to nurture and grow your channel with outreach campaigns that are easy to develop, manage, and redistribute.
Real-time analytics let you and your partners track level of engagement and activity.
Provide your Partners with a digital platform that helps both of you succeed.

Intuitive Campaign Creation and Management

xAmplify is designed to let you get your branded message out to your network with just a few simple steps.
Partners benefit from a similar interface that allows them to quickly and easily forward your content with as few as 5 clicks.
Gain new insights into your channel so you can evaluate your partner network and cultivate it by providing more bandwidth to support your engaged partners.

Easily create email campaigns that allow you to keep tabs on who is interacting with your message.

xAmplify’s email module is great for sending newsletters, product updates, announcements, and the like with two modes for you to choose from.

To Partner, mode gives you audience selection flexibility and opens up new avenues for your digital communication. Send campaigns to internal sales teams, use for employee education, recruit new partners for your channel, send newsletters – the possibilities are endless. And each campaign gives you insight into how engaged your audience is.

Through Partner allows you to equip your partners with a simple, yet powerful means of leveraging your content and representing your brand. See which partners redistribute your campaign and follow it downstream to see how your partners’ contacts, customers, and leads connect with your message.

A picture is worth a thousand words, which makes a minute of video worth over a million.

xAmplify allows you to easily harness the power of video in your next campaign. Make a bigger impact, boost conversion rates, and leave a memorable impression by incorporating a video in your message.

Simply upload your content, design your email, and launch. Whether it’s to or through your partner, our metrics give insights into email opens and video views so you can analyze and gauge the effectiveness of your message.

Increase your social presence by utilizing xAmplify’s social media module. Schedule and manage posts for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google all in one place. Share content, opinions, links and more to engage and grow your following. It’s the easy way to align your message across multiple platforms and get your partners to follow suit.

Our data scientists have developed ways to provide you with insights into multiple aspects of your xAmplify campaigns. View metrics for email opens, video views, partner campaign redistribution stats, and more.

Through Partner email and video, campaigns feature two-tiers of analytics.

The first covers your campaign and its direct recipients. You can see who opened your email and redistribution stats. The second tier tracks your campaign through your partner and gives you a glimpse into how your partners’ contacts, customers, and leads interact with your messaging.


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