Through-Channel Marketing Automation.

Show me a demo Through-Channel Marketing Automation. Delivered. xAmplify Welcome to the revolution – a channel marketing automation platform that offers the easiest way for you to deliver co-branded digital campaigns through your partners.  It’s as easy as create, share, view metrics, see deals, repeat. 

Get full pipeline visibility with Two-Tier Metrics.

Show me a demo A Better View of Channel Sales with Two-Tier Metrics. xAmplify Not only track partner participation, but finally see how partners’ customers are interacting with campaigns. Better visibility leads to accurate forecasting and planning, and better allocation of marketing development funds. Get full attribution metrics for partner deal registration to eliminate channel conflict.

Increase partner engagement by reducing co-marketing workload down to a few clicks.

Show me a demo Co-Branding with Channel Partners in a Few Clicks. xAmplify You design the campaigns and launch them to your partners for redistribution. Your content is locked and all co-branding is automated, giving you control over the messaging and taking the guesswork out for your partners. Partners are notified when a new campaign is ready, and can redistribute in 5 clicks.

Smarter Campaign Launches with Artificial Intelligence

Show me a demo Smarter Distribution Channels with Artificial Intelligence. xAmplify Turn on “Auto-Launch,” which lets our adaptive algorithm predict the best launch times for your campaigns based on previous behavior patterns of your uniquely segmented lists.

Optimize Partner Engagement with a Single Platform

Show me a demo 4-in-1 Channel Marketing to Do it All in One Place. xAmplify A 4-in-1 platform to:
1. Create and share campaigns with your partners. 
2. Give partners a quick and easy method of campaign redistribution. 
3. Capture partner and end-customer metrics.
4. Let your partners register leads and deals.  

Our Partners & Clients

Simple, yet powerful access to your distribution channels.
Glimpse the future of channel sales.

Ready to boost partner engagement?

Galvanize your channel marketing and increase your channel sales revenue with partner enablement powered by automation. Our through-channel marketing automation platform offers instant partner logo merge, letting partners redistribute co-branded digital campaigns to their pipeline in as few as 5 clicks. And with a host of campaign metrics at their disposal, your partners can market like world-class digital marketers through the power of xAmplify.

Are you looking to increase content engagement?

Leverage AI and super-charge your through-channel marketing campaigns for optimal content engagement. With our AI constantly learning from partner and downstream customer behaviors, things like campaign launch times, headline word selection, and customer unsubscribe become deeply personalized, suggested, or automated. Your email open rates will soar.

Do you want more data to give you a complete picture of your channel program?

xAmplify pulls back the curtain to give you a clear view of your entire channel program with our Two-Tier Metrics. Now you can have real-time insight into partner and end-recipient behavior, partner co-marketing activity, first-touch attribution, video views, and more. Get the metrics you need to improve sales forecasts, gauge campaign effectiveness, and holistically incorporate channel program activity with your direct sales and marketing operations.

Are your partners equipped to handle new privacy regulations?

xAmplify is an industry-first, GDPR/CCPA-ready, through-channel marketing automation platform. Our pioneering technology lets you simplify your go-to-market strategy and growth initiatives while simultaneously equipping your partners network to navigate cumbersome GDPR and CCPA regulations at scale. Leverage our built-in compliance functionality to grow your indirect sales and increase your overall revenue.

“If you don’t market for your partners, it just won’t happen. Most don’t have the time or the skills to drive demand or maintain your brand.”

Jay McBain Principle Analyst, FORRESTER

xAmplify Through Channel Marketing Automation

Prioritize partners, skyrocket channel sales.

Channel partners each get their own instance of the xAmplify platform with individual login and in-depth analytics for every campaign they launch.

They can safely, securely upload their contact lists, enabling them to co-brand at scale with built-in partner logo merge and 5-click redistribution. And our social media module blasts out social posts just as fast.

See channel marketing metrics you never have, literally.

Increase channel visibility and solve channel conflict with our Two-Tier Metrics. Gain new perspectives on your distribution channels with insights into both partner and end-user behavior.

Measure ROI in the channel, learn who’s a priority partner to better allocate MDF, and see which campaigns are getting the most end-user opens, views, clicks, and longest video watch times.

xAmplify Through Channel Marketing Automation

Let automation set the stage for your next co-marketing event.

We help streamline the event co-marketing process by automatically creating and assigning custom UTM codes and distinct partner URLs. Event campaign metrics let you can track to- and through-partner RSVPs all in one place.

This eliminates potential bottlenecks created by waiting on partner reporting and manual RSVP tracking, freeing up your resources to focus on creating a memorable event.

What Our Customers are Saying


“xAmplify has expedited the partner onboarding and redistribution process faster than we imagined possible. And it’s incredibly easy.”

Subash Gopalakrishnan

CFO, Azuga


“xAmplify is changing the game on ensuring channel organizations are successful with enabling their partners to drive amplified demand and have greater visibility into attribution. We’re excited to roll this out to our global partner ecosystem and help them become more effective in growing their Looker practices.”

Kenan Rice

VP Strategic Alliance, Looker


“xAmplify is not another PRM and it’s more powerful than a portal. This new platform put me in control of my pipeline revenue.”

Sumith Satheesan

Director, Cloudstride

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