Simple, yet powerful access to your distribution channels.
Glimpse the future of channel sales.

Get your channel sales cranking.

Our co-branding through-channel email automation with built-in partner logo merge lets partners redistribute to their pipeline in as few as 5  clicks. And our social media module equips partners to blast your content to LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Predict the future for impressive opens.

With our AI constantly learning from partner and downstream customer behaviors, things like two-tier launch time, headline word selection, and customer unsubscribe become deeply personalized, suggested, or automated. Your email open rate will soar.

See channel metrics you never have, literally.

You’ll get insight into both partner and end-user behavior with our Two-Tier Metrics. Redistribution data reveals priority partners, while you also see end-user opens, views, watch times and clicks in your dashboard. This means higher-impact QBRs and trackable channel conflict resolution.

Deliver personalized, consistent brand messaging.

Locked-in design and copy with limited partner customization means your brand voice’ll be delivered intact, all the way downstream. And with uncomplicated list segmentation by region, industry, vertical, or business size, your channel partners will be able to close deals faster.

“xAmplify is not another PRM, and it's more powerful than a portal.
This new platform put me in control of my pipeline revenue.”

Sumith Satheesan –Director CloudStride

Effortless campaign design and auto-sequencing.

We’ve built over 10 sleek templates for quick and effective emails, or you can upload a custom layout.

Easy launch scheduling and auto-response workflows make campaigns a cinch. Plus, channel partners receive an alert when new content is available for redistribution, from their own instance of the platform.

Intuitive content hub for your digital assets.

Our cloud-based setup allows you to store and organize videos, whitepapers, price lists, and more.

Simultaneously view video performance metrics to help you fine-tune your next message.

No big tech installation.

We’re here to make your to channel sales enablement and through-channel marketing as efficient as possible.

From installation to adoption, our platform is hassle-free to implement and has a foolproof user dashboard. Upload your lists and get going.

“If you don’t market for your partners, it just won’t happen. Most don’t have the time or the skills to drive demand or maintain your brand.”

Jay McBain Principle Analyst, FORRESTER

Onboard new channel partners faster.

CSO Insights reports that 24% of vendors say their channel partners take one year+ to become active in their co-marketing strategies. With a truly automated platform like xAmplify, onboarding takes only 1.5 to 2 months.

Activate inactive channel sales.

Approximately 20% of partners are delivering 80% of channel sales. The other 80% aren’t actively redistributing vendor marketing materials because it takes too much time, cost, or headcount. This 80% are known as DIFM (do-it-for-me) partners. And according to Forrester’s Principal Analyst, this percentage may actually range from 75 – 90%.

A truly automated tool like xAmplify eliminates that work and makes it incredibly easy for DIFM partners to redistribute campaign material in a few clicks.

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